Long lines, packed cinemas and lively discussions – the IFFR has certainly stirred Rotterdam. But it looks like not only Rotterdammers are mobilized. A whole Film Academy class made its way from Amsterdam to enjoy the screenings. One of the students, Ashgan El-Hamus (21), shares her opinion about the festival.

Rotterdam vs Utrecht

“We visit different festivals as part of our script writing course. For example, last year we went to Utrecht.  But I think the one in Rotterdam is cooler, because it is international and the diversity of films is much greater than at the national-level festival. You can still appreciate some Dutch works at the IFFR, but especially cheesy movies don’t make it to the programme here.”

Film Marathon

“Second and third year students are here for two days. We have seen three films today and have three more to go tomorrow. It’s fun but it’s a pity we don’t get to choose the movies we want to see. Our coordinator makes up a schedule for the whole group. Today we watched Catch me daddy, A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence and Amour fou. So now I am a bit buzzed off”.

Personal favorite

“I loved Catch me Daddy the most. It is about two young people, who live in a trailer trash camp in England. Personally, I need to be with the characters, to feel that I totally understand them. It’s like once I get out of the cinema, I will be able to say what kind of food they like or how they smell. So I really enjoyed the first part of the movie where nothing special happened, they were just trying to make a living. For me, the second part with drugs was a bit too much. It almost ended with a murder.” KS