It’s now possible to take part in the new edition of the National Student Survey (NSE). Each year, at the request of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the website Studiekeuze123 surveys the higher education institutes in respect of the level of their students’ satisfaction with, for example, the institutions, the programmes and the living environment. There’s also an English edition, aimed at international students.

The survey covers a wide range of subjects, from the standard of the lecturers and student rooms, to provisions for students with a handicap. In total, you will be asked questions covering approximately 20 themes.

Happier than 2013

Last year, about 8,000 Rotterdam students took part in the national survey. The results of this survey revealed that students were happier with Erasmus University last year than they were the year before. In particular, the score for the study environment was considerably higher than in 2013. This was most likely due to the new campus heart. The score for accommodation was also better than 2013.

In 2014, Rotterdam University fared better than other universities of applied sciences and universities in most of the themes covered by the survey. Only in the section preparing for a career and internships and programmes did the university record a lower score.

You can take part in the survey until 9 March. To encourage participation, various prizes are being raffled. ES