On Monday night, the 8th of December, SG Erasmus, ESN Rotterdam and Raleigh International joined forces for a charity event in a form of an open mic night at the Erasmus Paviljoen.

The great hall of the Erasmus Paviljoen proved to be an excellent location for the night’s event, because of a top notch sound and more than enough space to provide for the visiting crowd. The venue filled rather quickly, although there was still plenty of personal space for the visiting students. It proved to be a good decision to have a bar in the concert hall, as this made it unnecessary to leave the room for a fresh supply of beverages. Sadly, no beer was available in the beginning of the evening. Although this did not stop the crowd from loudly cheering for the performers, who displayed a wide range of musical diversity.

Diverse performances

The inevitable singer/songwriter acts were found next to a rock band, rappers, an all-girl a Capella group and various students playing the keyboard next to singing ballads. The evening’s motto was quality over quantity, at least for the individual sets of the performers. Three songs were the most any act was allowed on the timetable. Thus a great deal of overall diversity was assured, which probably also helped to attract a wider range of fans. All of them possible sources of charity for Raleigh International.

Raleigh International

Raleigh International, which dubs itself as a “sustainable development charity”, is a non-governmental organization based in London, UK. They operate in different parts of Asia, South America and Africa, where the organization joins forces with locals to develop infrastructure projects and help out local communities and environments. To do so, volunteers get send to these places, experiencing this kind of work first-hand and in the best case stimulate sustainable development in the country.

After this evening, Raleigh International managed to take one further step into this direction, raising a total of around 120 Euros. ET (photography: Arie Kers)

For pictures of the Charity Open Mic Night, check EM’s Facebook page.