Campus pub In de Smitse and the Erasmus Facility Centre (EFB) are discussing possible relocation plans for the pub within the campus. In de Smitse could move to the ground floor of the Hatta building.

Central position

The aim of relocating the pub is to make it more prominent and to give it a more central position on the campus. “It must enhance the character of the new Plaza”, says EFB’s Bas Takens. “It will also become an amenity for all students, not just for students of RSM.” The new pub will be the same size as the current pub in the T building.


However, the plans have not yet been given the green light. The board of In de Smitse and EFB are currently still discussing the layout and new tenancy conditions. If the campus pub moves, it will have to pay rent for the new premises. Takens won’t say exactly how much this will be, “but there will be a price.”

Takens expects a tenancy agreement to be signed at the beginning of 2015. According to current plans, the pub would open its doors in its new location in the first quarter of 2016. EvR