On Thursday night, students of Erasmus University gathered at the Smitse to celebrate Oktoberfest. This special event was celebrated in proper German fashion, with bratwurst, beer and lederhosen.

A local Munich student, Hanneke Feijs (Psychology), even claimed that the festivities and atmosphere “felt like home” although it felt strange to her that people were speaking English. A small number of students donned the iconic Dirndl and Lederhosen, although, in the end, it was 24 year old Law student Jan Verhaart in a Dirndl that won the “best-dressed” competition. He was dubbed Heinrich of the day. The title Heidi of the day was bestowed upon Barbra Stok (22), President of the International Faculty Association ACE (Media and Journalism).

Something to celebrate

Aside from the German themed music, costumes and sausages, the event is very similar to a regular night at Smitse. Around 70 or 80 people, most of whom are Dutch, swimming in a constant follow of cheap beer and merriment. Whilst everyone at the event was very open, there were very few international students. The vice President of the Smitse Board, Nico Maaskant (20, studying Law), claimed that the committee is in favour of beer-related parties such Oktoberfest and Saint Patrick’s Day because students enjoy it and it gives them something to celebrate. A student volunteer bartender also claimed that events like these raise the profile of the Smitse because many students don’t know about or visit the not-for-profit, student-run bar. Maaskant: “Events like this help students to get to know the Smitse, and the Smitse gives them something to be proud of their university for. So it’s a great event.”

German YMCA

The Munich based festival usually runs from the 19th of September to the 4th October, however this event only ran from 4 till 10 which was plenty of time to drink, eat a sausage, play beer pong, and dance to the German version of the YMCA. DB