There is a new party for international students in town. On Wednesday night, Blender hosted the first edition of Crossroads, a new weekly event intended for international party people. A review of the kick-off.

Where should you go if you want to find drunk international students dancing to House music? If you pose this question on a Wednesday, then you should head to Blender. On October 1st, it hosted the opening edition of the new weekly Crossroads party. An event, especially catering towards international students.

Decent night club

You will find the club at the western end of the Witte de Withstraat. After an ID and bag check the enormous bouncer then lets you enter its doors. The ground floor hosts a bar, the wardrobe and an outdoor area. As it often is quite crowded out there, you might prefer to go inside. This will enable you to watch the dance floor in the basement, while standing on the gallery above it. The dance floor on the clubs lower level is encircled with a bar, a smoking room and the indispensable DJ booth. As in any decent night club, the lights are dimmed.


Around 12 the club was already quite crowded and got even more so over the course of the night. More and more students poured in, resulting in the opening of the second half of the dance floor. This approximately doubled the available space, making it possible for the dancers to gain some more room to move their limbs. They did so to house music with an occasional chart song thrown in. Although some people hinted that the set was in parts the same as at the Heartbeat Festival on campus, earlier this year.

Similar to BED

The night was characterised by a lot of alcohol and  many familiar faces. In that sense it was similar to the weekly parties at BED on Tuesday. This should also serve as a recommendation. Crossroads has the same vibe going on. If you like the parties at BED, you will probably love the Crossroads events at Blender. ET