No more worries if you’ve got a puncture from cycling through broken glass on the way to your morning lecture! Cycle repair centre Campus Bikes has just opened Monday on the ground floor of the H Building. So relax – you’ll be able to cycle home again after your lecture.

Right now Campus Bikes can only be identified by the red and blue balloon arch spanning the entrance. Although the repair centre did not do much advertising, cyclists have already managed to find their way there. “Business is already booming,” says Dave Zwaan, who runs the centre with his father. “We’ve had a whole lot of students in here.”

Dave added that the Campus Bikes services are much faster and cheaper than the average cycle repair shop in the city. Repairing a flat tyre costs less than 10 euros, and you can buy a second-hand bike there for less than EUR 100. Campus Bikes is open Mondays to Fridays from 8.00 to 17.00. MvS