This month, Erasmus Sport and Oostelijk Zwembad will be jointly offering a special student pass for the public swimming pool. This pass allows students to use the pool facilities at a discount rate, and every Thursday the pool even holds a special student swimming hour for pass holders.

For EUR 2.50, students can purchase a pass entitling them to two swimming sessions at the pool. After this, they can ‘top up’ the pass at a reduced charge. Students pay EUR 25 for an 11-session pass. The regular rate for a one-off visit to Oostelijk Zwembad is EUR 4.50.

Athletic offer

Jon de Ruijter, Director of Erasmus Sport, is pleased with the partnership. “Recreational swimming was one activity that up to now wasn’t really covered in our athletic offer.” Thanks to this new partnership with the recently-restored public swimming pool – which features tiles from the 1930s and a came glasswork dome – students with a Sports Pass can now also swim at a discount rate.

Swimming lessons for international students

At some point in the future, De Ruijter would like to organise swimming lessons for international students in collaboration with international students’ association ESN. “We don’t know yet whether there actually is a demand for this kind of thing, but many international students don’t know how to swim.”

Student swimming hour

Last week also saw the launch of Oostelijk Zwembad’s special student swimming hour for everyone who has purchased their swimming pass via Erasmus Sport. Every Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., the public swimming pool is closed for everyone except students. Although nobody turned up on this occasion, De Ruijter expects the pool to become busier over the next few weeks.

The student swimming card can be purchased up to and including 30 September. TF