The escalator to Mandeville-3, class in the Theilhall, and exams in Van der Goot. Better get used to it, because shortly the letter signifiers on campus will disappear and you will daily use names of people of whom you’ve never heard before.

The buildings on campus will get their name from someone who has (had) a relationship with the university or the city. The EUR wishes to honor ‘impactful people’ in this way. For example, the U-building became the Hatta Building a while ago, after Mohammad Hatta, alumnus and one of the ‘founding fathers’ of the Republic of Indonesia. Starting now, eight other buildings will follow suit. The buildings that will be demolished in time will not get a name.

From Nobel Prize winner to alumna

Among the name givers there are Nobel Prize winner Jan Tinbergen, the Rotterdam-born late Medieval and widely known humanist Desiderius Erasmus, and the influential lawyer and art collector Piet Sanders. Fortunately, there’s also a woman among them: Willemien van der Goot was in 1930 the first woman to receive her PhD at the Nederlandsche Handels-Hoogeschool, the EUR’s predecessor. Starting September, it is the intent to start using the new names. For now, the rooms inside the buildings will be indicated using letters, but that will ultimately disappear as well.

Below is a list with the new names and here you can find more about the namesakes of the buildings.

A-building – Erasmus Building

C-building – Theil Building

H-building – Tinbergen Building

L-building – Sanders Building

J-building – Bayle Building

M-building – Van der Goot Building

T-building – Mandeville Building

U-building – Hatta Building

The multifunctional education building currently under construction next to the Food Court will be named the Polak Building. TF