The Dutch hockey women became world champion last weekend. It was the first WC in which EUR students Roos Drost and Marloes Keetels could show their talent. EM spoke to a still glowing Keetels.


“Thank you!”

How does it feel to be World Champion?

“I am very proud. The fact that you belong to the best team in the world is slowly starting to sink in now. Few people can say that they have become world champion in their own country in such a tournament. That feels great.”

What emotions came over you when you heard the final whistle?

“We were in a 2-0 lead and we all felt the adrenaline kick very strongly. Seconds before the whistle came, we all threw our sticks on the field and the audience went completely crazy. Some teammates screamed and cried from relief and happiness. That was an indescribably beautiful feeling.”

What was the secret to success?

“We had a very good preparation, we were tactically very good and very fit. But also the more intensive mental training exercises this year have made sure that we as a team grew more closely together and everybody felt at home in the team.”

How did you celebrate the victory?

“We were celebrated in the stadium. Afterwards we were invited to the stage in the tent and we got beer and hamburgers. After that, we went clubbing to the small hours in The Hague. Finally some drinking and dancing again! It was really nice to celebrate the win together with the team.”

This was your first WC. What have you learned from this experience?

“The pressure of the WC has given me more confidence. I think that because of this experience I will be less nervous for the next big tournament.”

Winning the WC was your ultimate goal. What is the next step?

“The Olympic Games. In September we will be called on again and then we have to present ourselves to the national coach. I hope that two years is enough to improve on a few things.”

Now you have a lot of free time. What will you do?

“For one and a half month, I will have no hockey and I am not used to that. I can let my body take a rest now and can finally visit a festival. Also, I have an exam in July which I really need to pass. My other goal, namely, is to get good grades in my study, I am very perfectionistic.” CW


Marloes Keetels celebrates the victory together with her mother.