One of the smallest faculty associations of the EUR, Histartes, has since Thursday been passing under a new name: International Faculty Association Ace. With no less than a Name Change Party the changing of the name went by with due celebrations.

“There’s not really a deeper meaning behind it. Ace is short, powerful and international. In addition, the word Ace (whoever ‘aces’ a test gets a 10, ed.) has a positive vibe, of course,’ said the Slovenian Board member Jasmina Kanurić, master student Media and Business, about the name change.

Getting used to

Because of the coming into being of studies like International Bachelor of Arts and Cultural Studies (IBACS), the association of the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication (ESHCC) feels itself called to leave the old, traditional name Histartes behind. Ace has been picked by the board from submissions by members, but a large number of the visitors had to get used to the new name. Although not everybody was negative, terms like ‘vague’ and ‘unrecognizable’ – especially used by the attending history students – regularly flew through the air of the luxurious Eau Lounge where the Name Change Party was held.


Despite disappointments and lack of understanding about the name with some visitors, a good atmosphere dominated on the grandly celebrated party. The location suited the atmosphere. A huge balcony with a view over the Maas, clamped between the imposing Willemsbrug and Erasmus bridge formed the impressing décor of the party which opened a new era. Of course, with a grand party like that, only a clothing style with allure fits: the dress code was the semi-formal Cocktail, which prescribes that women should wear dresses and man suits.

With the fabulous location, chic decorations and special Ace-cocktails, the party turned out to be a success. The new name Ace will for a while undoubtedly make a few more people frown, however. MvS/photo’s Adlan Belkada

Watch the video in which the new name is presented here.