Studies are not allowed to charge extra costs for study trips or other activities on which study points depend. That is the answer of Secretary Bussemaker to questions by the SP.

Last week, Secretary Bussemaker announced that universities of applied sciences and universities are not allowed to charge money to students who are too late in registering for exams. Her answers of yesterday proceed along the same train of thought. Students need only to pay their tuition to get education. ‘In principle, this means that additional financial contributions cannot be asked of students to gain study points,’ summarizes Bussemaker.

Free alternative

However, universities of applied sciences and universities are allowed to ask for a contribution for activities that are not part of the education, according to the Secretary. Think of study trips or museum visits. ‘Participation in and paying for such activities must happen on a voluntary basis.’ As soon as study points are concerned, students have the right to refuse. Educations have to offer a free alternative if students are unwilling to pay for the costs.

Juridical position

Students are by far not all up to speed on their juridical position. Information about this can be better. The Ministry is having talks with universities of applied sciences, universities, and student representatives about that. ‘If a student is of the opinion that he has unjustly paid for certain educational fees at an institution, he can submit a request for reimbursement,’ says Bussemaker. If needed, he can go to court. HOP