Last Monday, the Centennial Art Expo was officially opened in restaurant Siena. Until May 2nd, sixty art pieces by students and employees can be seen on the second and third floor of the C hall. Afterwards the exposition will move to the Erasmus MC.

The Erasmus School of Economics (ESE) exists a hundred years and that is celebrated with a host of activities. One is a real art exposition themed ‘impact’. Around sixty students and employees have submitted work, amongst whom of course the artful dean of the ESE. Although very diverse in quality, it is definitely worthwhile to take a look in the C hall: paintings, photographs, collages – a lot can be seen. On Monday the artists could briefly marvel at each other’s works, now everybody else can too. Jury member and former rector Steven Lamberts was present as well; after a short round past the galleries he already had his shortlist ready. GvdE