For a couple of weeks now, you can get a coffee, sandwich or snack, but since Monday it has been official: the new Erasmus Food Plaza has been opened. Time for some free ice cream and champagne in between classes.

“Students walk under the L building as if it has been like this always, but in the past you walked against a wall here,” relates Els Decanniere of Campus in Development. And so, deans Suzan Stoter (ESL) and Dick Douwes (ESHCC), together with Bart Straatman (member of the Executive Board), symbolically walk under an arc of balloons near the building. A few colored balloons go up in the air, and a same number of photographers immortalize the trio. The opening is a fact.  


Inside, the event is celebrated with a tasting, where mostly local entrepreneurs and some employees of the university have gathered around the breads with goat cheese and mango chutney and fresh juice. Outside, there is an inflatable climbing wall, but save for a few students, nobody dares the climb.

Just eat, don’t study

For the most students the new food plaza seems part of their daily lives already, given the filled seats in the central square. Despite the free champagne and the signs ‘just eat, don’t study’, behind the laptops people continue to work undisturbed. EH