The first episode of EP sessions was, musically speaking, absolutely on par. It should have gotten more of an audience.

The Pavilion was Thursday night, February 13th, the decor of a small dozen short performances of student musicians. ‘Old timers’, as Guus Bok – this time without his rock’nroll band but alone behind the keyboard – alternated with the new school, like the Italian Media and Communication student Emanuele Conte and acoustic folksinger – guitarist Daniël Boonstra. A lot of singing and guitar playing this evening, with only one duo solely instrumentally, but nearly all were of definite level. Unfortunately, the Pavilion was filled extremely meagerly. The second episode of the EP sessions is planned for March 27th. GvdE/photography Kirstin Feberwee

Gerardo Flores

Maaike Siegerist

Emanuele Conte

Charlotte Kaspers

Guus Bok

Daniel Boonstra