Standup comedy among the crates of beer, hiphop between the dishes, and modern dance surrounded by stinky socks. You guessed it, it’s almost time for Stukafest again. On Thursday February 29th, you can watch dance, music, theatre and standup in three different student rooms.

All the artists come with a Rotterdam flavor this year. They either have been born or raised in the Maas City, or still live here. Just like last year you can admire the winner of the Cameretten Festival: this year that is comedian Patrick Laureij. Three of the music acts – the soul and funk of Poliana Vieira, Indieband Wolf in Loveland and Rock-‘n-Rollers The Cosmic Carnival – have been nominated for Het plaatje van Rotterdam. But you can also attend the reggae of Rass Motivated, the jazzy pop of Oliver Alexander, the psycho-rock of Misery Kids, or the hiphop and breakdance of Willy. At two places there will be modern dance, by Loïc Perela and by Demian and Almudena. Theatre hails from Theatre Collective Het Zwarte Schaap and author Ernest van der Kwast will stand in a student room on February 20th as well. At the closing party you can lose yourself to DJ-duo Disko Matique.

During Stukafest you visit three different student rooms. You decide what route to take and which performances to go and see. Tickets can not be bought on campus this year, but every Thursday in February between 12 en 6 pm you can go to The Tea Lab in the Westewagenstraat to buy them. This year for the first time, it is possible to buy tickets online using iDeal. The pre-sale has started already. More info on Stukafest here.

Also, check out video and pics of last year. TF