EM reviews one of the five operators in the food court. Today: Noodles with garlic.

What: A small Vega-tastic. Buckwheat noodles with tofu, spinach, Chinese cabbage, garlic and  coriander in a vegetarian broth.

Price-quality ratio: The small portions of noodles are €5. For a normal size you pay 8 euros. Rather expensive, given the fact that a small portion will not sustain someone with a large appetite for an entire afternoon.

Wait: Although nearly all tables were taken and other shops had queues, I was helped immediately at Oodlz. A two minute wait on your can of noodle soup is acceptable.

Taste: The products are fresh, and you taste it. But the garlic! Normally, I like a decent amount of garlic, but you had better cancel all your appointments and sit way in the back of class.

Service: Kind and fast, nothing to comment upon.

Remarks: Fresh, fresher, freshest. And there’s plenty of choice in extras. Apart from the five standard combinations you can pick your own ingredients.

Seating: A few little tables, unfortunately all taken.

Final grade: 7

Tim Ficheroux