EM reviews one of the five operators in the food court. Today: New Fork.

What: An organic pasta deluxe salad, a chai tea latte and a royal yelly shot.

Price: €4,99 for the salad dish is a bit pricey, but it fills up nicely. Pricing of drinks is up to standards.  

Wait: I was immediately up for ordering and was helped quickly and kindly.

Taste: Good, but not very special. Rocket lettuce, real Parmasan cheese and organic fusilli pasta sound better than it is, but admittedly, it is much fresher and tastier than Albert Heijn salads! and of course the supply of old caterer Albron. The slices of bread were a bit dry, however. The royal yelly shot is in a scary, medicine-like bottle and tastes like fluid bee pollen. No doubt it’s healthy, but the promised energy (‘for both the queen bee and you’) isn’t delivered. And sorry, but you had better put down a little extra for a chai tea latte at Starbucks. This one is way to sweet and makes you sick.

Remarks: Wide range of choice in breads, soups, salads, drinks and sweets, all very organic, natural and fair trade.

Seating: ‘These taste lunch-extenders are the thing for real quality timers’, so reads the text on the menu about the salads. But unfortunately, the comfortable couch and the few other places have been taken.  

Final grade: 7.

Thessa Lageman