We had to wait a bit longer than planned, but since Monday you can buy your sandwich, salad, juice, noodles or coffee in the food court at the plaza. EM reviews one of the five shops every day this week. Today: Satebar

What: Sate Ayam (chicken sate) with fried rice

Price-quality ratio: 4,50 euro for a fairly well filled out container of spices fried rice, some chunks of cucumber and raw onion, two sticks of chicken meat with peanut sauce and crackers. In terms of quantity and price it’s not bad in comparison with the other dishes at the food court; the stomach is full enough for a lunch.

Wait: around the busy lunch hour around five minutes

Taste: the fried rice is just spicy enough and the chicken is soft. The peanut sauce is soft and perhaps a bit on the faint side.

Service: kind, still a bit nervous, but at the time ordering they had been open for only one hour. The system with calling of names when the order is ready forms an attack on the vocals of the small lady behind the counter so keep your eyes and ears open.

Remarks: You can take soy sauce in stead of peanut sauce and switch to white rice or bread for the fried rice. In addition, the sate can be made of pork or lamb or even a vegetarian variant. Wholesome meals are available for a decent price. I am curious however whether the ventilation system can process the fumes from grilling. Finally, you can fold your placemat into a crane, if you’re handy, that is.

Seating: beautiful bamboo tables and lamps in Oriental style.

Final grade: 8