The International Film Festival Rotterdam is back in town. Erasmus Magazine asks some movie worshippers about their passion for film and the must-sees at the festival. Today: Mateusz Bochenczak, IBA student from Poland.

Mateusz, an IBA student from Poland, believes an institution like the IFFR should exist in every city. He does not only say so because he likes independent movies. “A festival like the IFFR offers people the opportunity to broaden their horizons, through seeing quality films.”

Not having a particular preference for a genre, Mateusz enjoys films, which are not superficial but touch deeper issues. Issues below the surface of how things seem to be. Films which stimulate people to think about what they saw, making them more empathic. He plans on watching three movies during the IFFR:



“What interests me is that this apparently is an energetic picture of a young woman trying to find her way, while she is madly in love. According to the reviews it is a really energetic movie.

I don’t mind romantic movies when they are not out of this world, when they are realistic. When they speak about real problems. Because in the end I believe love is the greatest thing in the world.”

Seventh Code

“I am really curious about this one. Apparently it is a low budget, Japanese criminal comedy. I basically expect everything and I want to see what it will be about. I normally do not watch Japanese movies but a good friend of mine is interested in Japanese culture. He recommended it to me. Another very good friend of mine is also Japanese himself. I am expecting everything from the best to the worst.”

What Now? Reminds me

“I think it is a bit of drama, but I haven’t read about it too much. I want to be surprised.

Its a story about the HIV disease which one of my friends is actually fighting. And this makes it a personal issue for me.” ET