We had to wait a bit longer than planned, but since Monday you can buy your sandwich, salad, juice, noodles or coffee in the Erasmus Food Plaza on campus. EM reviews one of the shops every day this week. Today: Frozen yoghurt.

What: a regular frozen yogurt  (yogurt with three fruit toppings of choice)

Price-quality ratio: 4,00 euro for a pour of yogurt with three mealy raspberries, two strawberries and a handful of blueberries is rather ridiculous.

Wait: I was the first customer and it took a while for the yogurt girls to realise that there was a customer at all.

Taste: the yogurt is fine, but the question remains why outside of vacation and without any sun out you would prefer your yogurt frozen rather than in a fluid form. The fruit, carefully around the yogurt arranged, tastes really nice even while January isn’t really the raspberry season.

Remarks: there is plenty of choice in various kinds of fruit. For those who want their fruit separate from rather than through their yogurt, a shake can be ordered.

Final grade: 6

Gert van der Ende