We had to wait a bit longer than planned, but since yesterday you can buy your sandwich, salad, juice, kebab or coffee in the food court at the plaza. EM reviews one of the shops every day this week. First: Tosti World.

What: breakfast special with ham-and-cheese toast and a coffee (also available as take-away)

Price-quality ratio: 3,75 euro – nice deal for a quick breakfast, but I doubt it will last you till lunch (although you can opt for whole wheat bread).

Wait: At 11:30 I could order immediately and after two minutes my order was ready.

Taste: the toast has a nice bite, due to the crunchy bread, and the taste is fine, although an extra slice of cheese wouldn’t hurt. Two thin slices of cheese and one slice of ham for three slices of bread is a bit on the scanty side.

Service: Nice and quick. By way if exception I got a cappuccino in stead of a regular coffee – that’s service.

Remarks: if you eat your toast there, you’ll receive it in a aluminum cake-can. It looks nice, but it takes up too much space on the small tables. Additionally, I have no clue where I should leave my mayo or ketchup – in the can? Not very handy for dipping: a plate is more practical.

Seating: you won’t stay very long on the fairly hard stools and benches of scaffolding wood with orange cushions, but for a quick lunch it’s a cozy corner.

Final grade: 7

Lindemarie Jongste