The Erasmus University scores yet again highly in the Economists Top 40. Four EUR-economists belong to the best five and only the University of Tilburg ranks better.

Last year we found the EUR back in first place. Now, the UvT takes that place. Despite a change in the methodology there are little changes in the top of the list. VU-scientist Richard Tol tops the list for the fourth year in a row. EUR-scientists Michael McAleer, Philip Hans Franses (both ESE), Daan van Knippenberg (RSM) and Werner Brouwer (iBMG) make up place 2 through 5. The same four were last year – albeit in a different order – among the best six. Just like last year, EUR-economists take twelve of the forty places.

Publications are the norm

The Dutch list is composed by the journal Economische Statistische Berichten (Economic Statistical Reports) and focuses only on the publications of the scientists. The list is based on the articles, commentaries, letters, notes, discussions and conference papers of the economists, that are in the Web of Science-database spanning the period between 2008 and 2012. The score of a publication depends on the number of authors and the impact factor of a journal (Article Influence Score). Economy faculties select 160 scientists who compete for a place in the top 40. TF