After days of hard work to transform the university library into an actual club, during which a small madness among students existed to get some tickets, yesterday night was finally thé night. 2500 students celebrated the 100 year anniversary of the Erasmus University.

The amount might have been overoptimistic as it was a little crowded. In addition entering the library, hanging your coat and trying to get to the bathroom (especially for the ladies) was challenging. Happily the music was what is was supposed to be, Bakermat, Goldfish and more made the night successful. Everyone was dancing and the atmosphere was positive, happy and thus very good. The location was nice and even though you could see they tried, it was still the university library only now people weren’t silent. The organization thought about everything and even rented a snack car, however again you had to get into the line. In short, the highlight was definitely the music and not so much the location. The question is, was this the party of the century? Maybe it was, and let us hope that everyone who bought the ticket for a premium at least believes so. JvdV/photography by Arie Kers

You could see the lights from afar. For the students who normally don’t visit the library.


The management team of the university library is ready for the party. Do you like their matching outfits?

A lot of students came to the party because of the DJs.


And they lived up to the expectations. 

Everyone wanted to visit the party. We don’t know if these guys also paid 50 euros for a ticket.


Did you ever see 2500 students in the library? Well, it looks like this.


What’s a birthday without confetti?


Hold on to each other! If you lose your friends you’ll never find them again.


No, it’s not the force. He’s just enjoying his drink.