Is it really spring?

Heavy rains, cold temperatures, and strong winds: The weather has not exactly been spring-like in the past few weeks. With the official first day of metereological summer just one week away, EM asked these international students what they think of the weather in the Netherlands.

Shan Lin (23), Exchange student from Norway

I am an exchange student from Norway and have been in Rotterdam for almost 5 months now. During that time, I got to enjoy good sunny weather for only one or two weeks. People always ask me why I am wearing so many clothes and I say it is because of the weather. I travelled to the Netherlands for the first time last year in April. I remember the weather to be just as cold back then. But still, I really did not expect it to be this bad here in May. I mean, it is even better in Norway at this time of the year! I am leaving the country next week to go back home. I really hope I will get to enjoy one final sunny weekend – proper spring in the Netherlands.  

Pengdi Liu (22), MPhil Logistics student from China

Personally, I really do not like this kind of weather. The temperature is ok, but there is too much rain and it is too windy. But I did expect the weather to be like this. I mean, it is the Netherlands! But still, it is really frustrating. It is more like winter all year round. So far, we have only had a few weeks of spring with sunshine and warm temperatures. It is just sad. Where I am from in China, it is hotter in summer and colder in winter, compared to the Netherlands. So, I am not really used to this kind of weather this time of the year. I hope it will get better soon.

Judith Stein (22), IBCOM student from Germany

Well, I am from Germany. The weather there is similar to Rotterdam’s – just not as windy. So, I am used to this kind of weather. And what I like about the weather here is that it can change really fast. You can have heavy rains and wind one second, and sun and relatively warm temperatures the next. But it really is too cold for this time of the year. Even for the Netherlands. After all, it is supposed to be spring. I am going to a festival next month and I really hope that it will be better by then. I mean, the weather cannot stay like this forever. It has to stop raining at some point. I just cannot wait for the summer to begin. NL