Joe Smith explains hoe we can dry our hands with one paper towel instead of many, so we save a lot of paper. William Ury starts his talk with an anecdote about 17 camels and how the impossible turns out to be possible. Peter van Uhm, former Dutch Chief of Defence, did bring up a rifle on stage to underline his message. Dan Pink starts his talk with a personal confession in order to grab the attention of his audience. To show how much suger a child ingests during his or her school time, Jamie Oliver throws a wheelbarrow full of suger cubes on stage. This impressed the audience more then only telling the facts.

Obama is a good example of using a three-part list: a powerful enumeration of three things. An example can be found in his speech about the situation in Egypt in 2011, where he said: “An orderly transition must be meaningful, it must be peaceful and it must begin now.”

How to impress your audience

Ever seen a TEDtalk? Probably you have and you might remember some in particular. Those speeches are catchy, but why? Presentation-expert Victor Vlam explains in five steps the secret of an overwhelmingly speech or presentation in this article.

Here you can find inspriring examples: