To be homosexual while no one knows it (yet), can be confusing. That’s the theme of the movie ‘Weekend’, which will be screened in the Erasmus Paviljoen tonight. One of the initiators of the film is Erasmus Pride, the network that wants to accomplish gay and lesbian acceptation on university.

Kevin Verbaas, chairman of Erasmus Pride, hasn’t seen the movie yet, but thinks that most homosexual students struggle with their coming out, just like one of the main characters in ‘Weekend’. In that way, there must be students and employees at Erasmus University who recognize this, whether they already came out of the closet, or not.

Therefore Erasmus Pride is important, Verbaas stresses. He is an active member since the start of the network 2,5 years ago. “Our goal is to bring up the topic of homosexuality and hopefully it will lead to a discussion. Still, there are people who think it isn’t normal, but that’s ridiculous.”  

Coming Out Day

Besides tonight’s film Erasmus Pride organizes activities during the study year. Next Friday for example, on International Coming Out Day Verbaas and colleagues have thought about a playful activity on campus. “What it is exactly I cannot tell yet, but it has something to do with ‘stoepkrijt’ (chaulk to color the pavement)”, he says mysteriously.

Boycot Olympics?

Together with Rainbow City Rotterdam Erasmus Pride is already busy with organizing a symposium during the European University Games next year summer. Topic will be: homosexuality and sports. A current topic, considering the winter Olympics in Sotsji, Russia, where homosexuality is forbidden by law. Worldwide the question rises if these Olympics must be boycotted for that reason. LJ

‘Weekend’ is the first of three films to be screened in the Erasmus Paviljoen. To get in the mood for the 43rd edition of International Film Festival Rotterdam (22 Jan-2 Feb) SG Erasmus, ESN-Rotterdam and IFFR join forces in the monthly film nights concerning a specific theme.