It is still unclear if the University Council will agree with the reorganization at the Institute of Social Studies. The Council seems convinced about the financial urgency on the matter, but there are still questions about the practical implications.

The reorganization at ISS is urgent, member of the Executive Board Bart Straatman emphasized in the committee meeting on Wednesday 12 June. Government subsidies for the in The Hague located institute are reduced by 20 percent. 10 percent is already cut, the next retrenchment will follow in 2014. In a couple of years there will be another cut in the government support, but the height depends on performance agreements that are not made yet.

Little support

A year ago, the decision to reorganize was made. The reorganization is planned to start on July 1. The final plans, however, have little support with the staff, although there will not be any forced redundancies.

The reorganization is twofold: the academic staff will be organized differently, and the support staff will be placed within the SSC’s of the EUR. Therefore,  a large part of the support staff will have to work in Rotterdam.

Individual job level

The University Council asked for an overview of what the supporting activities will look like. Resistance in the ISS staff is mostly because of uncertainty about their future job. How many time will they spend in Rotterdam and how many in The Hague? Who will perform which activities? It is rather unusual that the Council asks for such an overview on individual job level, due to privacy considerations. But the Council will be given an impression.

At the next meeting of the University Council and the Executive Board on June 25, it will be clear if the plans can continue. MF/TF

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