Dutch Delight: Kapsalon

Periodically, EM reviews typical Dutch food products together with EUR international students. This edition, Master Marketing student Artemis Schistou from Athens, Greece tastes and reviews a 100% Rotterdam dish: Kapsalon.The Review

As Kapsalon has quite a reputation in Rotterdam, Artemis heard from the dish from her friends only a few days after arriving in Rotterdam. As she became curious to the product, she takes on the challenge of tasting it.

Artemis first remarks that the dish looks rather “greasy”, however after tasting it she notes that the taste is “very good”. “Even though Kapsalon is fast food, it is a very tasty dish composed of very basic ingredients. It is a very good combination.”

In particular, Artemis likes that the dish is composed of layers, which makes it possible to taste the ingredients separately from each other. Moreover, she thinks that apart from the fries and sauce, the ingredients composing the dish cannot be considered calorie food. “And that matters to girls”, she adds.

Finally, Artemis remarks that the kebab in the Kapsalon reminds her of Greek cuisine, because it is also an important ingredient of Greek souvlaki. All in all, Artemis is reasonably positive about Kapsalon, because she grants it 4 out of 5 stars.

Score according to Artemis: 4

1= I flushed it down the toilet

2= If you bought it anyway, eat it, why not?

3= Quite nice actually

4= Really good food

5= Best food I’ve ever tasted

The Product

Kapsalon celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. The tale describing the invention of the dish goes as follows: a Rotterdam hair salon owner was a regular visitor of the local kebab shop during lunchtime. One time, he decided to compose a dish including all of his favorite ingredients: fries, kebab, cheese, salad, garlic sauce and sambal sauce. This dish became also very popular among other visitors of the kebab shop, and was named after the dutch word for hair salon: Kapsalon. Nowadays there is even a yearly Kapsalon Festival, and the Golden Kapsalon, an award for the best kapsalon in Rotterdam. LJa