The Erasmus Sport Center closes from June 17 until August 4 due to reconstruction activities. Sports pass owners will be compensated.

There will be lots of activity in the Sport Center this summer – however, not by EUR students and staff getting in shape. Instead, the Sport Center is being reconstructed. A new fitness area will be built and service pipes are renewed. The Sport Center closes for seven weeks due to these reconstruction activities. During previous summers, the Sport Center remained opened.

Only outdoor sports

The cafeteria does remain opened this year, the same counts for the outdoor sports facilities for tennis and beach volleyball. No reservations can be made for the tennis courts however. Whoever wants to make use of the newly constructed beach volleyball courts – being opened this week, has to make a reservation beforehand. The showers will be temporarily out of order due to the reconstruction of service pipes.

Compensation for Card owners

Whoever purchased an Erasmus Sport Pass that is valid during the period of the reconstructions, will be compensated.  More specifically, if you buy a pass for next academic year valid for either a year or half a year, you will get a month for free. If you happen to not extend the validation period of the pass, you will receive a voucher for a free dinner in the Erasmus Sport Cafeteria. The voucher can be requested at the service desk of the Sport Centre. MF/LJa