The campus will host an open-air festival, this Thursday from 5 to 8 PM. Anyone can come enjoy the music from local bands with some drinks and food, in front of café ‘In de Smitse’. 

Studium Generale has put together a varied programme for the evening. For those who enjoy the nostalgic acoustic sounds of indie-folk bands like Mumford & Sons, there’s upcoming band Friends of the Family. Additionally, singer-songwriter Eric van der Plicht, who also played at the recent Rotterdamlezing, will play some more acoustic music. 

Looking  for something more different? Cover band The Mad Show is specialized in medleys, in which they mix up songs from different genres, including dance, pop, rock and Dutch music. Then there’s also the smooth saxophone play of Berta Moreno and her jazz band, Kind of Brown. Albron will sell saté, hamburgers and vegetarian snacks from their red containers. The weather report offers a seventy percent chance for sunshine. AT

Smitse Fest takes place in Tinbergen Plaza, Campus Woudestein from 17.00-20.00, June 6