The results of the student elections at RSM have been annulled after a complaint about the campaign of one of the candidates. There will be new elections.

During the elections the Central Electorate Committee received a complaint about irregularities at the RSM-elections for the students in next year’s University Council and Faculty Council. The electorate committee started an investigation on the irregularities and decided not to announce the results. On May 21 the involved candidate was heard. As a result the committee decided to annul the elections and to convoke new ones.


In this decision the committee writes that the involved candidate convinced students to vote for him on a computer at the helpdesk. The candidate helped the voters in the digital system with their vote and acted in their place. Alongside of the computer a poster sign with voting instructions was placed. With the last instruction being a vote for the involved candidate.

Dutch electoral law

According to the electorate committee the candidate influenced the elections significantly and acted contrary to the Dutch electoral law. The electoral law says that helping people voting is only allowed when a voter needs help due to a physical disability, and that influencing voters in the polling station is not allowed.

New elections

The votes for the RSM-students in the University Council and the student section of the Faculty Council have been annulled and the elections will be held again. The new elections will be between the same candidates as before, which means that the involved candidate is still eligible.

At the moment it is not known when the new elections will be held. TF