You know those things you or your fellow EUR student do not say? Well, a Facebook page to honor those things that are not being said was launched on May 10th. It proves a true success and it has already obtained close to 2300 likes.

The initiators of the Facebook page are anonymous and EM tried multiple times to get in contact with them, but without success. That does not make the page any less funny and a range of daily topics about ‘things Erasmus students don’t say’ are addressed.

Most popular topic

By far the most popular topic is exams. For example, “I totally respect how long it takes to grade a multiple choice exam”, “I love it when people come out of the exam and talk about their answers”, “Good thing we have resists in the summer, didn’t plan anything!” received between 100 and 300 likes.


Although the Facebook-page is about students, the statements posted are especially funny because they are so recognizable to employees. For instance statements about buildings on campus or campus in general like ““I know which button to press in the lift to get out of the T-building”, “I never complained about having to walk from C to the T building” and “these revolving doors are really convenient.”

Contribute your own

The concept of ‘Things Erasmus students don’t say’ seems to catch on and several students post their own statements such as “I love running for tram 21/24!” and “I think it is reasonable to send students who come late to lectures back outside in front of a full class.” Want to see what this huge Facebook-page success is all about? Click here. NdB