Even though it was a very rainy evening, 250 attendants suited up and came to De Doelen in Rotterdam to hear about complicated financial products during lectures given by experts. Student association B&R Beurs organized the B&R Bulls Eye symposium last Thursday.

The first warning is being given already during the introduction given by ESE course director Ivo Arnold: these are no easy times for investors. The returns have decreased and the risks have increased. Therefore, B&R Beurs has invited experts from companies such as ING, ABN AMRO, and Skagen Funds to lecture about the trends, tricks, and techniques of investing.

Difficult expressions

It becomes clear immediately that knowledge specific to investing is a requirement in order to properly comprehend what is being said. Some of the attendees are capable of critically assessing the theories and concepts of the speakers, but others however, are having a hard time already understanding the very basic concepts of investing. Also, Alessandro Joia from the company Critisized has a hard time understanding: “Many terms specific to investing are being used”. Critisized offers suites to students and young professionals and was invited to give a workshop on how to tie a tie prior to the symposium.

Learning to Invest by Doing

Apart from the fact that a student association such as B&R Beurs organizes drinks and parties, teaching their members on how to invest is also important. Member Jurian Meeuwisse: “I was already interested in investing prior to becoming a member, however I had no knowledge about it. I learned the basics of investing properly at B&R Beurs.” However, don’t expect you’re able to buy the car of your dreams from potential profits any time soon. Meeuwisse: “The aspect of learning is most important. If you’re looking to get rich soon, you could better go to a Casino instead. LJa


Prior to the symposium young investers learned how to tie a tie.