Elections for the student and staff representation at EUR have started yesterday. For each faculty, candidates are elected for the university council and the faculty councils.

ESE, ESL, FSW, and RSM students are eligible to elect candidates for the university council. At RSM, also staff is eligible to vote for the three candidates who signed up for one of the two spots in the central representative advisory board. Because not enough candidates from the remaining faculties signed up for the student and staff spots, electing members from these faculties for the university council proved impossible, however. In addition, elections take place for the student section of the faculty councils of ESE, RSM, and FSW – and at iBMG the staff is eligible to vote for seats that are meant to be occupied by staff members in the institute council.

The digital ballot box remains open until midnight of May 15. The results of the elections are being announced the next day. A few candidates for the student sections introduce themselves at the website of Vereniging Studentenbelang Rotterdam (VSR, the organization that supports students in the university and faculty councils). TF/LJa