The International Student Experience is a blog for anyone who wants to know more about life as an international student in Rotterdam. International EUR students regularly blog about their experiences and give tips on anything ranging from accommodation to nightlife.

The International Student Experience has been up and running since March 2011. “We decided to create the blog to inform international students about life in Rotterdam and to enable them to learn from each other’s experiences,” explains Judith Hoogmoed, the supervisor of the blog.  

Blogging while being on exchange

Hannah Whelan (20), an exchange student from Leeds University, recently started blogging for the International Student Experience. “Being on my exchange, blogging has become my hobby and a way of letting people back home know what is going on,” says Whelan. “The international student blog has made it even more encouraging,” she adds smiling.   

Blog entries: From campus life to city events

Hoogmoed explains that bloggers for the International Student Experience can choose their own topics, but have to keep in mind the main purpose of the blog. “The main goal is to give international students insight into the international student experience in Rotterdam,” she says. Accordingly, topics should relate to university or student life as a whole, such as for example campus activities and city events.

Current bloggers

Three international students – Whelan, German RSM student Fabian Scheifele, and Venezuelan ESE student Patricia Dominguez – currently write for the International Student Experience. “Applicants were asked to send us a test blog entry and from the responses we received we chose the three most promising bloggers, all from different backgrounds and studying at different faculties,” explains Hoogmoed. NL