More than 1000 kilometers traffic jam this morning due to the snow, reports, and that has never happened before in The Netherlands. In Rotterdam a significant amount of snow has fallen already. Nonetheless, the majority of employees seem to have made it to the EUR safely.

“I was surprised to be honest to see any colleagues who live outside of Rotterdam at work at all”, says dr. David Novak, assistant professor at the ESHCC faculty. Dr. Novak is from the United States and explains “this is the most snow I have seen since I came here.” He did not expect that colleagues from Leiden and Utrecht were able to get to Rotterdam by train without any real problems.

Not many extreme problems

“In the car on my way to work I did hear all the horrid stories regarding the snow and the traffic jam on the radio, but I did not have any trouble getting here”, highlights Emma Hamilton, program coordinator of the International Bachelor Communication and Media (IBCoM). Hamilton lives in Rotterdam, but from colleagues who had to come from further and also took the car she also did not hear any extremely negative stories. “One colleague did loose her hubcap on her way here”, says Hamilton laughing, “but I do not know if the snow was the cause of that.” NdB