Whilst studying, letting that person sitting next to you know about your special feelings. Facebook facilitates you to do so in the Spotted: EUR Library group.  


The page has received over 1,900 likes within its first 3 weeks of existence. Messages vary from playful hints aimed at that person sparking your interest to downright love declarations. Even love poems. Of course, everybody is more than curious to see who that special person is.

The origins

The idea for this Facebook page has been inspired by an earlier initiative from Utrecht University. “After I found out such an initiative did not exist at EUR yet, I decided to create the Spotted: EUR Library page” LJV lets us know. The page is being maintained by three male EUR students, who – in the same fashion – only wish to disclose themselves in their initials: LJV, WL, and TPG.  

Beyond EUR

The trend has been spreading far beyond EUR at other Dutch Universities too: almost every university has its own page, the Utrecht University page managed to have more than 10,000 users following the anonymous messages.

The page is not only meant to declare eternal love to somebody, all (decent) messages you want to have posted anonymously are welcome. LJa