Erasmus Cultuur is organizing a book exchange this week – a good opportunity for anyone who wishes to dispose of some of their old books and swap them for new ones.

Do you feel like cleaning out those bookshelves to renew your book collection? Are you looking for a new book to read or do you still need some textbooks? That’s where the book exchange comes in – instead of selling those dusty books you no longer use for a fraction of the original price, you can swap them for new ones during the book exchange, which takes place in the L-building on Thursday, November 29.

How does it work?

Starting November 26, students, faculty and staff can hand in the books they no longer need at the StudyStore in the V-building. “These can be study books, light fiction, or non-fiction. Any books are ok as long as they are in a good condition, meaning complete and readable,” says Erasmus Cultuur. Those handing in books will receive a voucher that can be used to collect ‘new’ books during the book exchange on Thursday. “For example, if you hand in two books, you will receive a voucher for two books,” Erasmus Cultuur explains.

No books to swap?

Students, that do not have any books to exchange, can purchase books instead. According to Erasmus Cultuur, all proceeds from sales will be donated to the ‘Stichting Lezen and Schrijven’, a foundation against illiteracy. 


“People do not like to throw away books. But once books have been read, you usually do not read them again. By participating in the book exchange, someone else can enjoy these books,” says Erasmus Cultuur. “And it is also a form of recycling.” NL