Ericka Menchen-Trevino, Assistant Proffesor at the Department of Media and Communication at EUR, explains with the most noteworthy visuals things that nobody was talking about and things that everyone was talking about in the 2012 Presidential Elections.


Nobody was talking about religion. This is quite remarkable considering the fact that Romney is a Mormon, which is a small minority religion which was until recently by many religion experts listed as a cult. Why did nobody bring it up?  Well, “being perceived as in any way against freedom of religion is extremely negative in the United States and only comedy shows can bring it up”, says Menchen-Trevino. So, the Onion, an American comedy shows did bring it up. Click here for the YouTube video. 

There were also things that everybody was talking about which were noteworthy. Menchen-Trevino provides us with the most noteworthy visual explanations.


A video was leaked in which Romney says what he really thinks of Obama voters and labels them the 47 % freeloaders who do not pay taxes. Click here for the YouTube video.


Romney upset the female community quite a bit, with his famous ‘binder full of women’ comment. Click here for the YouTube video. NdB