Twenty-three year old RSM-student Tania Habimana is raising funds for WARCHILD by going bald. On Friday 26th October her hair will be shaved off in public in the T-building.


Over 800.000 people died in Rwanda in 1994 as a result of the war between Hutus and Tutsis. Lots of children lost their parents during the conflict. In 2006 Tania went to Rwanda to work in an orphanage for two months. “Both my parents were born in Rwanda and I wanted to experience what it meant to live there and make a contribution. Luckily I was born in Europe, but I always had the feeling that I owed something to my country.” This summer she returned to the orphanage and she was shocked by what she found. “The children have to leave the orphanage at the age of 15 and they still need to figure out how to survive. Most of them live on the streets or become a prostitute. Education is too expensive. The victims of the war continue to be victims.”


According to Tania there’s not enough awareness. “I wanted to make a bold statement by shaving my hair off. First of all, my goal is to tell the story. I hope people realize that the results of the war are still there.” In the end she hopes to raise at least 3.000 dollar on and 1.000 euro on for WARCHILD. “But for now visits on the website and shares on facebook will already feel as an achievement, as long as people hear the story.”

Curious about the result? Check it here!