“The level of fashion at Erasmus is not that high”, concludes Silvia Danaj (20) a second year IBA student and the creator of the popular Facebook-page Erasmus Street Style after almost a year. Erasmus Street Style shows the fashion culture at Erasmus by paying attention to people that fashionably distinguish themselves from the crowd.

Importance of style

Danaj thinks that people should try to pay more attention to what they wear because it is crucial. “No one will care about how smart you are if you do not look good”, she says. Therefore, Danaj argues that it is important to show your sense of style, but “that is sometimes hard to find here at Erasmus.” The low level of fashion at Erasmus might be due to the weather, Danaj argues. Notably, with the significant rainy, windy and cold climate in the Netherlands, fashion might not be the most important thing about clothes for some people.

General style Erasmus student

“The style of Erasmus students is simple and causal, which is great”, Danaj says. The majority of students wear jeans. However, there has been a shift towards more attention on details such as shoes and buttoned up shirts. “Students do personalize the causal outfits”, Danaj highlights. For instance, wearing noticeable hairbands or handbags that in a humble way, shows the individual style of a student.

Not just random pictures

Throughout the development of Erasmus Street Style, Danaj has learned more about what does and does not look good in pictures. “I do not shoot random pictures”, Danaj says, “if I do not find anyone interesting on campus, I do not post pictures.” Danaj explains that it can be hard sometimes to distinguish between what is fashionable and what is absurd. Therefore, Sam Yang (23) an Economics master student now assists Danaj and they rely on each other in finding the perfect outfit for the Facebook-page.

First Erasmus Street Style event

In honor of its fans and the initial success, Erasmus Street Style hosts a red carpet event at cocktail bar Elit this Friday, October 5th. If this event is received well, Danaj wants to organize more events throughout the year. Future events will be more organized and bigger and perhaps, invitations will be made to Erasmus professors. “Professors and teachers are my weak spot”, Danaj says, “their sense of fashion is simple, classy and often gives you a ‘wow’- feeling. Their outfit tell you that you should respect them.”


When both Danaj and Yang graduate in 1 to 2 years, they want Erasmus Street Style to continue. “Erasmus Street Style shows the culture of dressing at Erasmus and reminds people to look nice”, says Danaj. With the success of Erasmus Street Style so far Danaj hopes it can one day be taken to the next level and move far beyond the Facebook platform. NdB