With the abundance of rain and wind these days, many people in Rotterdam worry about not getting sick. How to reasonably minimize your chances of starting to sneeze and cough? Tips from fellow students!

October has just begun and autumn has struck The Netherlands – not only in leaves changing color beautifully, but also in terms of weather. For some internationals, weather can turn out to be unexpectedly cold and windy. Here are  tips from your fellow students too make all more bearable.

Preparation is key

First, make sure to minimize chances of getting surprised by bad weather. For checking forecasts http://www.meteovista.co.uk is a good website. Also, “Know your location” Medicine student Neville Watson adds, “when the weather suddenly turns worse than expected, you can always hide in a shop”. In addition, having an OV-chip card for public transport comes in handy too.  “Wear multiple layers, weather changes quickly in The Netherlands”, Marketing student Kimberly Jang notes.


Though small umbrella’s can come in handy, they generally break easily when it’s windy. For this, students from  TU Delft have introduced an umbrella which promised to be storm proof (until wind force 10). They’re named Senz° umbrellas, and start around 25 euro.

Eat healthy

Grabbing a burger is tasty and time efficient. Though, eating occasionally healthy and fresh decreases the likelihood of getting a cold through a virus. “Fresh vegetables with lots of iron and unsaturated fat are best”, Sarah Chan from Curacao advises.

Prevent from Viruses

Washing hands multiple times a day, and after a visit to the restroom helps in preventing from viruses. Also, even though it’s cold, having a window open at home helps avoiding a musty atmosphere in which viruses do well. Lastly, taking enough rest and minimizing stress are healthy for both your body and spirit. LJa