Meet the fresh new students of Erasmus University

What do they expect of studying at Erasmus University? Of making new (international) friends? Of Rotterdam? Of living on their own? In short: how do they think about coming of age?

Rowie Haring Study: Algemene Cultuur Wetenschappen (ACW), from: The Netherlands

What is your first impression of Erasmus University?

From what I have seen during Eurekaweek so far, it looks nice and fun! As we say in Dutch: gezellig!

Any plans for activities, apart from studying?

Hockey! The new season is going to take of within due time. I play hockey at Ringpass in Delft.

Are there things that you are a little concerned about?

Whether I can keep up with my studies in the end. I expect the studyload to be quite high. But on the other side: I take life as it comes. We will see…

Yanbin Zhu Study, International Business Administration. From: China

Have you found a room already?

Yes! It was not that difficult at all actually; I got help from the Casa-Erasmus organization.

Are there things you don’t feel completely sure/comfortable about?

At times I miss my loved ones, but in general I adapt to new circumstances quite easily. Luckily I have been able to meet a lot of people already and make new friends. You know, it’s quite a big step to at first live with my family for 19 years, and then live abroad and be fully independent.

How do you feel about starting this study?

I’m excited and hope I will learn many new things. In that sense you could say that I am ambitious. In my previous education, I was able to manage relatively easily.

Any activities aside from studies on the schedule?

I already joined STAR! I am interested in study trips, and perhaps a business competition in the future.

Stanisƚaw Guner: International Economics and Business Economics (IBEB) From: Poland

Are you excited about this new phase in your life?

I’m  quite a down to earth person – a little reserved at times, but I would say I’m looking forward to it.

Can you describe your personality in short?

I would say I’m quite philosophical. This might sound odd as I’m starting my studies in economics, but philosophy is more of a personal passion.

What do you expect from the following year?

One idea I got from people about The Netherlands is that the country is of course tolerant, open, developed. But also that there is always somebody to help me. What I have experienced so far, is that Erasmus University has a friendly vibe to it.

Can you describe that vibe a little more specific?

It’s just a nice blend of people. From various backgrounds. In that sense Rotterdam is truly an international city.

How is the coming life stage at university going to be different from earlier ones?

Sometimes people dilute themselves that from the one day to the next, university makes you a grown up. I see it more as a gradual progression of my personal life, and the aspirations I could have succeeded for example. For me, growing up is all about new experiences. Experience is everything.