Hup Holland Hup?

The countdown has ended; the European Championship has started. Will these international students go orange?

Tony Lee, third-year IBMS (from China)

“During the European Championship I will cheer for the Netherlands and also for Italy, I guess. It depends on the players within the teams as well. However, I already prepared some orange t-shirts; I will support the Dutch team for sure.

It is really nice what happens in the Netherlands during soccer, everyone becomes one big family. There is no longer the rivalry between Amsterdam and Rotterdam. I also think this is part of the European culture, the craziness over football.”

Tim Richter, second-year IBA (from Germany)

“I will support Germany and watch most of the games with fellow German students who live here. For the upcoming game Germany versus the Netherlands I placed a bet that Germany will win, so they have to. I believe we are the better team. However, a final between these two teams would be a dream come true, supporting your team while living in the opponent’s country.

I think it does make a difference if you are in the minority in the country you are watching the game. Especially within IBA everyone is supporting a different team, this makes it all more competitive. However, this friendly rivalry also makes it a lot more interesting and fun to watch.”

Sebastiaan Candel, first-year IBEB (from Venezuela)

“My father is Dutch, thus as long as the Dutch team is in the selection I will cheer for them. If they happen to drop out, I will support the Spanish team. I definitely think the Netherlands could win, however up to now Spain is the real favorite.

Venezuela so far never entered the World Cup, however they are qualifying now and they improved a lot. This also makes the Venezuelans more enthusiastic about football, because currently we are more a baseball country.” JV