Coffee heaven or hell?

For some people it is a dream come true, a Starbucks on campus. Since the opening on Monday there have consistently been long lines. Is the positive vibe still present on campus or are students already getting more critical about the new venture?

Aleya Thakur-Weigold, second-year IBA (From Germany)

“This coffee wasn’t so good, but the staff is new and they have to get used to it. I love Starbucks, so I am really happy that they are here now.  Since we have been sitting here, the line hasn’t disappeared for a moment, but that is also because it is new. The staff is a little slow and it is a real hype right now.

The atmosphere they created here is really nice. A lot of students come here to lounge. Of course it is the perfect location, in the centre of the campus. This is exactly how I imagined university would be like before I came to study here.”

Estrella Garcis, first-year IBA (From Spain)

“I just tried it for the first time on campus. I had a caramel macchiato, which was really sweet, so that’s good. I think the problem right now is that it is new and everyone wants to go there. I thought it would already be a little less today, but hopefully it will change in the upcoming weeks.

I do think it adds to the student life. It is a nice feeling to go to the lecture with a Starbucks coffee. I am definitely coming here more often, especially when I have classes early in the morning. It is an incentive to come to an early lecture.”

Gustav Sheffler, first-year IBA (From Germany)

“I haven’t tried this Starbucks yet, and I don’t think I will. I tried Starbucks so many times before, but it is nothing special and very expensive; a coffee-rip-off. I also don’t think it is an improvement. There were enough coffee facilities on campus already. Moreover, Albron is expensive and the prices of Starbucks are even higher.

I do get that people are really excited about it. It brings some kind of prestige to the university, because not that many universities have a Starbucks on campus. However, I don’t think it’s desirable to make our campus more American.” JV