Spring is back in town

Yesterday was one of the first days of spring in the Netherlands. And it showed: the benches and terraces on the campus and in the city were filled. Additionally, it was ‘skirts-day’, a Dutch initiative that celebrates the first day of spring with summer clothes, meaning skirts. Do the internationals think the Dutchies went crazy or do they like their fanaticism of sunny days?

Mark Araujo, master Marketing Management (from Brazil)

For me it is quite hard to understand what happens here when the sun shines. My mother is Dutch, so I used to come here quite often in the summer, but I still don’t understand it. I saw people jumping into fountains when it was only twenty degrees. Also yesterday, everyone told me it was so warm, and they were wondering why I was still wearing my winter jacket. Another thing is that Dutch people cannot handle 30 degrees, they all pull down the shades of their windows.

In Brazil a sunny day is just a normal day. We don’t make a fuss about it. The skirts-day sounds like a very Dutch initiative and I think most people will actually do it. They just get very happy about sunny weather.”

Francesco Cerchiaro, PhD Student Sociology (from Italy)

“I have only been in the Netherlands for one month, so yesterday was one of the first good days here. Sadly, I had to work in my office all day and couldn’t enjoy the weather at all. Therefore, I tried not to look outside too much, so I wouldn’t see all the people enjoying the sun.

I guess that is also why I didn’t see any skirts. For me personally, I do not have a preference between girls wearing pants or skirts. I believe beauty is in simplicity, without trying too much. So for the skirts-day, if girls like to wear skirts and it makes them feel comfortable they should do it.”

Andreas Nellas, master student Accounting & Control (from Greece)

“Let’s just say that it is refreshing. On days like yesterday everyone seems to forget about studying or work and just sits in the sun. For me this is not really normal, as it is not that hot at all. It makes me wonder if the people in T-shirts are not cold. I do get that people take advantage of the good weather, but it is just not that hot.

In Greece it is the other way around. We are so used to the sun that we get depressed when there is cloudy or rainy weather. Even though I think the Netherlands is great on a sunny day, nothing can replace Greek summer days.” JV