University Catering

Research shows that students and employees rate the caterer Albron poorly. How do international students experience the catering at the university? How does Albron fare in comparison to the experiences and expectations held by internationals? Do they prefer to bring their own food?

Eliza Iannidou, master Supply Chain Management, from Greece

“The catering here is not perfect, but definitely not super bad. I think it is better here than in Greece since there is more variety here. I do think it is a little too expensive at Albron. Most of the time, it’s the Dutch students who complain about the price and quality.

I eat at the university approximately 1 or 2 times a week. In particular, when I am too lazy to cook myself. It would be nice if they would change the opening hours, for example in the T-building it is only open till two. Then you would be able to go there a bit later as well.”

Catherine Franckx, first-year IBEB, from Belgium

“It is way too expensive for what you get. Except for the soup, the food is not good at all. A friend of mine once had uncooked meat. I know that for example in Delft it is much cheaper. So it should be a possibility to change something here as well. Another thing I would like are more fresh products.

I do not go to the cafeteria so often, but you cannot always plan everything beforehand. Sometimes you need something to eat and then the price is not such a big issue. You don’t always think about it.”

Edoardo Cavallo, first-year IBA, from Italy

“Personally, I rarely eat on campus since it is expensive and not that good. For example, the sandwiches are very thin. Most of the time I try to avoid having lunch at university. I rather eat at home. I like to cook so it is not a problem for me.

When I came here I did expect the country to be a little more expensive. I also think the quick food such as sandwiches is fine. It is not necessary to add things as pastas. The main problem is the price.” JV