Have you already prepared your camping gear?

The occupy movement is still going strong, even in Rotterdam. People are camping on Beursplein. EM asked students if they are joining. In other words: Is their camping gear prepared?

Palmina Petillo, master student Economics and Law (from Italy)

‘I actually just heard about it now, but I only came here a month ago. Honestly, I am from the left wing so I am in favour of demonstrations against the capitalism. However, I am not sure if I would join; first I would need more information. I do think it is always a good thing to fight for your ideas and to express your opinion.

Before I came here to study, I studied in Rome for three years. In Rome there are demonstrations almost every month. People from all parts of Italy gather. The demonstrations are mostly against the government and organized by the left wing parties. However, most of them do not work at all. I think in other countries in Europe there is more effect. Therefore, it is a good thing that they keep trying.’

Stanislaw Zeilten, master student Accounting, Auditing and Control (from Ukraine, lived in Germany)

‘My first reaction was mainly: “What do these people want? And what is the purpose?” The occupy movement is a protest movement to show disgrace. But being against something is never a solution. It would be better if they tried to pressure the politicians more for a response. If they want a different economical model they should start there where the decisions are made.

To me it really seems they are just upset and do not know who to blame. Of course the economical system is not working now and I would not mind if they would find another system. I just do not think the movement will bring us that.’ 

Sonia Harjani, master student Marketing Management (from Curacao)

‘I was actually surprised that they decided to also protest in Rotterdam. I know that in New York they are trying to change a law. As far as I know that is not the case in the Netherlands. Therefore, I was wondering why they would protest here. I am not sure what they can achieve. In the end I believe capitalism always will exist. Whenever there are rich people you always have to deal with them. There have always been class differences in history.

Do we protest in Curacao? It depends what for, there are strikes organized by the labour unions. However, it never lasts longer than a day. Camping would never happen. I guess it is the mentality. Most people just see how it goes and what will happen. The main reason to strike would be the day off from work and not the disagreement.’ JV