Are you going to join?

Last week a new international sorority was founded: Sigma Delta Phi.  EM asked international students at Erasmus what they think about this. Are they going to join?

Seul Ae Kim, master student Supply Chain Management (from South Korea)

“It sounds like a good idea, especially the career part. Since the Erasmus Recruitment Days or the Star Management Week have the majority of the presentations and workshops in Dutch. In general, the language is the highest barrier to work in the Netherlands. The social part will be nice as well, since my current master only consists of 20% international students. Therefore, there is not that much interaction between the Dutch and the international students. 

Last year I also asked around for a more international student association. There are of course some, but these are more focused on one nationality, for example the Chinese association. When I asked STAR if they could do anything for me, they sent me to the faculty. Then, the faculty referred me to STAR. So I think it’s a very good initiative. If you’re here for only a few months or a year, it is nice to join an association.”

Dilara Cabuk, first-year IBA student (from Turkey)

“I heard about the sorority from a friend who is currently in the second year. I wanted to join a sorority anyway. Since Dutch sororities are not that attractive for internationals, I decided to join Sigma Delta Phi. What the sorority exactly is going to do is still a bit vague, because it is just founded. However, I do want to become an active member. I am really persistent, so I think marketing activities or organizing events would fit me.

Moreover, this sorority is a good opportunity to meet all kind of girls. The members are all really international, from all over the world. Besides, it is a good way to network. I believe that most girls who join, will become powerful in their later careers.”

Maria Scuri, third-year exchange student Economics (from Italy)

“I haven’t heard about the sorority so far. I can say I am satisfied with the facilities for international students here. Literally everything we need is here and it is all well organized. STAR and ESN organize great parties and nice trips, for example to Amsterdam. In Italy we don’t have that many organizations. 

As I said, the university here has everything we need. And of course, the more organizations the better. However, the quality should be good as well. I would consider joining, since it sounds very interesting. It is always nice to meet new people and to engage in extra activities.” JV